Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going Home

It wasn't until the end of my stay here that I learned how to reach blogspot--whether I can post on it or not will be revealed by this test-run. And whether I will be in my own bed tonight/tomorrow morning also waits to be revealed. The PRC no longer issues tourist visas to Thailand unless the applicant works in this country, following Hong Kong which only allows them to those with HK/Macau ID cards.

I am hoping that the 30-days on arrival are still allowed. That may sound a little melodramatic but up until a few months ago I could still get a tourist visa in this city--the shock was physical when I learned that I now could not.

Many physical shocks over the past two months--at this point I have no idea what I will find on the other end of my upcoming AirChina ride. Only one thing is for sure--a trip to Laos or Cambodia is in my future and sooner than I wanted to hit the road again...