Sunday, May 11, 2008

Myanmar Tragedy

News from Myanmar continues to reveal more and more devastation and need. Please read the following email from Don Gilliland. As you know, getting money directly to those who are most in need is a touchy matter. This is one avenue that bypasses all the hands in the middle.

my own plan for cyclone relief
From: Donald Gilliland (
Sunday, May 11, 2008 9:54:58 AM

This is a plea for help on behalf of the victims of the recent cyclone in Myanmar. But please don’t feel like I’m pressuring you to give money. I realize that there are many worthwhile and needy people and organizations around the world. And I also understand that life is more difficult for many of us nowadays; the cost of living keeps rising, and people have families to care for, and medical bills to pay, and other matters that require attention and finances.
But the situation in the delta area of Myanmar, as well as in Yangon (Rangoon) and the surrounding towns is very urgent and very desperate. People need food, water, medicine, clothing, and shelter. The situation is akin to what “survivors” had to deal with in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean Tsunami.
Efforts to distribute aid to these people have been hampered by the ineptitude and stubbornness of the Myanmar government. However, there are many efficient organizations and generous countries that are doing what they can to donate money and supplies to help these people. Relief efforts have finally commenced and hopefully will continue in the weeks to come.
But time is off the essence. I know several people travelling to Myanmar in the coming days. They already have visas and contacts within the country. Some of them live and work there. I plan to donate and collect as much money as I can and give it to these people before they leave Bangkok. I sent Aye Aye off with some money last week, and gave my friend Patrick more to deliver when he goes to Yangon today. Three other people I know will leave during the course of the next ten days. They can get money and supplies to local volunteers and organizations that can quickly distribute them to needy people in the area. Getting into the hardest hit parts of the delta region is problematic, but that’s where various UN organizations are best equipped to help. The people I know can help those in Yangon, across the river in Dalah and Twante, and further west in Pathein. I know this is somewhat of a band-aid approach to relief, but I think if we can help even a few hundred, or a few thousand, people, it’s worthwhile.

Anyone living in Thailand can send money to my bookshop or transfer funds directly to my bank account. Let me know if you need more details.
Those living in the USA can send checks to my parents’ address:
48 Interlaken Road
Orlando, FL 32804
Thank You !!!


Eugene Latt said...

An excellent relief effort !!!
Thank you so much,Janet.

May Burma said...

congratulations and thanks for your efforts

May Burma said...
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Janet Brown said...

This has been a fiasco thanks to Paypal and no cause for congratulations. I feel sick that 1000 dollars has been gaining interest for a greedy big business when it could have helped people for whom it was intended.