Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tone Deaf in Bangkok

After several days at Book Expo America, I returned home an exhausted and happy woman to become even happier when I found a book cover waiting in my email box. This is the cover of my book, and Nana Chen's, who is the photographic genius whose amazing pictures are worth their weight in platinum, caviar, saffron--you name it. We are both blessed to have an extraordinary graphic designer who is making this book more beautiful than any of my wildest dreams could ever have imagined.

At a party given by the Author's Guild, I picked up a button that was emblazoned with the words, "Love Your Publisher." I do. ThingsAsian Press makes beautiful books, which soon will be available in all corners of the world. The response at Book Expo was overwhelmingly positive from booksellers, teachers, librarians, and distributors, and I feel blessed that I'm one of ThingsAsian's authors.

This book should be out by summer's end. I will certainly be sending out a birth announcement as soon as it's available.


Tokyo Ern said...

Hi Janet,

This is Ernie writing to you from Tokyo. I'm looking forward to reading your forthcoming book that Matt introduced on his MySpace blog.

I know I owe one when you showed me and my friend Hide such a great time when we were in Bangkok. If you drop by Tokyo, be sure to drop me line.

Hopefully, you have checked out my blog too from time to time -

I can also recommend a lot of Asia related titles (on the off chance that you haven't read some of them yet.)


Janet Brown said...

Well, well, Ernie--so good to hear from you! I have indeed checked out your blog and just left a message on it, only to come here and find yours.
My memories of my time with you and Hide are far more vivid than they ought to be, considering the amount of beer we drank--one of my favorite debauches. How is Hide?
I saw some of your recommendations online and look forward to reading more--I had really liked Holy Cow myself. Is there still a Tower Book presence in Tokyo?

Katia said...

Janet, this is a gorgeous cover, indeed. Do let us know when it comes out. From the look and feel of things, we may well be in India for another year, or more, and if we are, I'm definitely going back to Bangkok next year :)

Alison said...

My friend, Lynn, said to tell you that she wants a few copies. She just read the pages that you sent me and loves your writing.

I am lined up with the rest to get my copies too.

Tokyo Ern said...

Yes, Tower Books lives on in Tokyo. I unfortunately haven't seen or spoken to Hide in almost five years - not after he got married (a story in itself I will share with you another time).

I will of course feature your book in my blog as well!!

Eugene Latt said...

Beautiful cover indeed!Looking forward to read your book,Janet.

Best regards,

Janet Brown said...

Katia, Alison, Eugene and Ernie,
Thank you all for your encouragement and responses! You make this whole process of the "gestation period" much less lonely.

Edric Hsu said...

Hi Janet,

I saw your book at the local library and knew I had to grab the only copy there before anyone else get their hands on it. I'm at the final chapters now, and loved it so much I am planning to find a copy at the bookstore for keeps.

Well done! And hope you'll have more books full of lovely heartfelt travel stories to share with us again soon!