Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This One's for Ernie

Breakfast with Nick--at Glo's on Capital Hill. Soon to come--Happy Hour with Matt (at Contour on First--aka Cheaper than MacDonald's--with cocktails!)


Tokyo Ern said...

Ooh, tauting me with American food! I haven't eaten hash browns in years!! You know I will be countering you with izakaya fare next.

Nick is looking good. Let the evil duo know that I'll be in Vegas in October (17-22), won't make it to the PNW this year.

Sometimes I even get a craving for chicken-fried steak!!

Better yet, ask them when they're going to come see me in Tokyo?

Is it one more month before the move to Mexico?

Janet Brown said...

Oh Ernie, pity you're not coming here--my favorite Japanese bar (Maekawa) has izakaya fare!
But I wouldn't be able to take you there because I will be in......Bangkok!
Yes, life has become wonderful, and I will be in Krung Thep come October 1 or so. May even make it to Tokyo sometime in '09. Consider that a fair warning.
When I was nostalgic for U.S. food, I yearned for meatloaf sandwiches at the Mecca on Queen Anne. My friend Rod was the one who invoked chicken-fried steak.

Tokyo Ern said...

When you do make it here, my wife and I will take you to our friend's restaurant "Kitamachi Utou" for some kaiseki ryori. Delicious and you will not be disappointed.

Looking forward to seeing you sometime in `09. Guess I'll start that Izakaya post...