Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Travel Tip

In case you plan to go to China, be aware that if these things are found in your bags, they will be confiscated:
Human embryos
animal or human blood
animal carcasses
used clothes
dairy products

This list is by no means complete.


KLAG said...

Hmm...animal carcasses...who knew?

janet said...

Seems unduly strict--after all you never know when that freshly killed pig will come in handy.

Alison said...

So what exactly is the definition of "used clothes"? All of mine are used extensively. Do they mean dirty clothes? Or someone else's clothes? Very interesting to consider.

janet said...

That occurred to me too--maybe if you bring them through the checkpoint in bales--or maybe it's a handy way to keep undesirables out of your country--"Sorry, your clothes have been clearly used..."