Monday, April 5, 2010

And God Bless the Nepali, Every One...

In addition to my excursion to Lush, I also took the advice of Hari and Jun, my hosts at the Holiday Guest House in Chungking Mansions. When I came home last night after not eating one of the worst meals I have ever purchased (burnt naan and horrible canned tomato sauced biryani at a place called Khyber Pass--"Would you eat this?" I asked the Pakistani host who shuddered and said "I don't eat rice," as he patted his rotund little belly), they recommended the Everest Club on the third floor of CKM's D block.

And oh my god am I glad they did. Beer Laos, momo with a very good chili sauce, and some of the best chili chicken (chicken Kadai) that I have eaten anywhere--and rice that tasted clean and so very good.

I will eat there again many times in the next several weeks and will always have a flood of gratitude toward Nepal when I do. Thank you, Hari and Jun--you may have saved my life here.

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