Monday, June 14, 2010

The Saving Grace of Moving Water

Only rock and roll but I like it

For some reason, the heat that usually comforts me has me feeling like a beached whale this month. I've been told that it's much cooler than it was in April and May but that does nothing to make me feel more at home in the world. It's so hot that the water from my shower is warm and cozy, while all I want is a rapid deluge from a glacier stream to make me shiver and go to sleep.

Yesterday afternoon I ran away from home to the river, where a commuter boat took me to Bangkok's left bank. For some reason, Thonburi is a place that understands the value of a river view that isn't attached to a luxury hotel, and I found a pierside collection of tables that offered cold beer and basic food.

Watching a river's current has always soothed me. I put extra ice cubes in my glass of beer and watched the sunlight turn to a softened gold on the spires of the Grand Palace across the way. Without the Chao Phraya, Bangkok would be a different city. With it comes river time and I am grateful.

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