Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fresh Off the Bus

The trouble with being new in town is you have to find where everything is, and when you're tired and hungry that's a challenge. Last night I took a wrong turn in looking for food and ended up in what's probably the business district. Kind ladies directed me to the Night Market because there were no foodstalls, they assured me. I ended up buying beer, peanuts, and water at a 7/11, where the only bottle opener in the shop wasn't for sale.

On my way back I found a store where everything was 20 baht, including my (made in China) church key. When I finally reached my hotel, I discovered that they sold both beer and water in the lobby.

But a hike before dinner is good for an aging broad, although I felt apprehensive this morning when I went out in search of coffee. I had seen a place called Vietnamese Coffee near the Windsor but would it be open? Would the coffee be drinkable? And most important, would I ever find food in this town?

It was open. My espresso was good (and I never use that word loosely when it comes to coffee). They had something that I didn't understand for breakfast. I ordered it, along with a latte.

And this is what I was given. I never take pictures of food but this I consider a miracle right up there with the Loaves and Fishes. I rarely will touch an egg, especially a fried one, but this was too good to ignore.
And then I walked down the street in the opposite direction from my Death March of the night before and there were many, many food shops--and a 7/11, only a couple of blocks from the Windsor. I won't starve, or go into caffeine withdrawal, in Nakhon Phanom. And since I slept well lat night with no insect invasions, I may stay here for a few days. I think I really like this place.

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