Friday, November 14, 2014

November Jasmine

It's very cold by Seattle standards, in the low 40s and dipping below freezing at night. It's my birthday present, what I wished for, cold, sharp sunlight and clear night skies.

In the tradition of granted wishes, this one came with a mean twist. I've been so drained by a cold that I haven't taken the walks I wanted in this perfect form of winter. I watch the light in an apartment that refuses to be truly warm, even though the heat has been turned to high for well over 24 hours.

But that's the price I pay for the big front window that takes up most of one wall and brings me the light that I'm always greedy for. I wear socks and sweaters indoors and in bed at night, happy to pay that price for this pale winter-blue sky and its gift of long shadows.

This morning I walked past a table to get another cup of coffee and there, incredibly, was a small white jasmine flower on the plant I fitfully care for. It holds a faint fragrance and memories of heat and light in another place. This year I inhale, remember, and feel satisfied to be where I am, right now, in this unfamiliar winter.


Nicki Chen said...

I just went for a walk (uphill and down in Edmonds). Love the blue sky! I wore my winter hat, gloves, socks, scarf and coat. Tomorrow I'm going shopping for some warm boots to wear to Indiana for my Christmas visit.

Janet Brown said...

Jealous! Hope this plague leaves me before the crisp weather does.

Sherry said...

More than interesting and/or cool, I think this one is beautiful. Especially the jasmine... My two scrawny plants bloom at random and the scent of each little blossom has to be appreciated close up, nose first.

Janet Brown said...

Thank you, Sherry! I'm amazed you can keep a jasmine alive through a lightless Fairbanks winter--they must go insane in the summer though!