Friday, April 24, 2015

Leaping to Extremes--Postcards

Every year when I go to Hong Kong, I always stay here. It is ugly but it is interesting.

But for a claustrophobe, it's a challenging place to stay. I can almost stretch my arms from one side of my room to another.

And because I always stay for a month, I usually redecorate.

The view often leaves something to be desired.

By the end of the thirtieth day, I'm usually awash in nausea.

This year, things will be different. I will be here.

My room will be Spartan but I will have coffee in the morning, looking on this view.

It is Hong Kong--but in the New Territories.

And I truly cannot wait to stay in the middle of green silence.


Sherry said...

Looks much greener. When do you go?

Janet Brown said...

September here--October Bangkok.