Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ascension House Part Two

"The cleaning ladies sent me," he explained, "they were very surprised that you carried two heavy suitcases all the way down the hill."

I told him about my reservation and where I had come from and he said, "Come with me and have lunch. I"ll discuss this with the staff." Back up the muddy hill we went and into a huge hall filled with tables. A mammoth lunch appeared before me and I was told to sit. Be quiet was implict in the surroundings.

Pillars decorated at the top in Chinese style supported a Scandinavian buttressed roof. The fish in lemon sauce was delectable and I felt my clothes begin to dry. A serious lady with kind eyes came into the hallway, with an equally serious young man. Eugenia and Pang both spoke my native tongue fluently, as did Barry, my rescuer, and between the three of them, they presented the facts.

Steffen, the erstwhile manager, had left no discernible record of my reservation and a group of five young indonesian men were scheduled to arrive at Ascension House the following day. At the moment, nobody lived there, since the new managers were scheduled to arrive next month.

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