Thursday, September 18, 2008

And the Beat Goes On

My friend Kim Fay quotes Confucius on her website with his sage words that a journey begins with a single step. For me a journey begins with a single list, and each checked-off item brings me closer to my departure.

Ticket purchased--check
Cat to the vet--check
Visa obtained--check
Go to Alaska to say goodbye to family and leave cat--well not yet

This is not an easy step for the cat or for me. He's been my comrade and distraction and occasionally a comforter ever since he entered my life in 2002. His major flaw is he does not travel well which is why today he faces a four hour plane ride as opposed to one that is over four times that length.

I know he'll eventually be happy--and so will I--but today we will both end up temporarily hating each other--just as it is in any good relationship. Please wish us luck...


Jessi Cotterill said...

Hello Kitty...

Good luck to you both!!

cat said...

I know it's difficult, but I also believe you are doing right.

I constantly wished I'd left my cat in Borneo instead of bringing her out here.

She was independent, jungle bred. But no match for the soi.

I thought she was street smart. I was wrong.

As mentioned before, I now have two lovies. American Short hairs.

They've never known freedom (and that's the way it's going to be).

Ms. Duvet did take a dive off the 7th floor of our condo patio and landed nose first in a pot.

And there are many times when workmen leave a patio door open and I hear the famous short hair 'lost in the wilderness' call from Mr. Bunt.

But they will never know the realities of chasing birds. Or being chased by soi dogs.

They'll just have to be content with tail twitching behind glass or the safe confines of their Baan Meow.

On another note... do you have your arrival date?

Alison said...

He is settling in and has discovered where we sleep, claiming a spot under the bed. He ate earlier and glared at me as if to ask where the heck I have been. So far today there has been no hissing - and Big Fat Boodha is the only one who does that anyway. I think he's afraid he will have to share his cat food. I love you - and Kaz is finding his way.

Tracee said...

Good luck with everything!