Saturday, September 6, 2008

Better than Prozac

There is absolutely no mood elevator so effective as an airline confirmation code, and three of them is even better! In the three weeks I have left in the states, I have three air tickets--one to Oregon to plead for my visa, one to Alaska to give my cat to my mother, and the final one to Bangkok at last!

Every time I've gone to the airport in the past two years, I've cast longing glances at the EVA ticket counter, wishing I were in line there to board a plane to Asia. Now at eleven p.m. on the last day of September that wish comes true.

The only thing that would make me happier would be if my two sons were in line with me, but I take consolation in knowing that I'll be back to see them in the summer--and with any luck they'll be able to visit me as well. The cat-- he'll be happier watching squirrels and moose from my mother's window than if he were chasing jingjok in 90+ heat.

So as I dismantle my tiny household in Seattle, I'll keep in mind the complete bliss of sipping cognac at four in the morning as I cross the International Time Zone into a day ahead of my old life in the Cold Country, to disembark in a new (to me--I've yet to experience Suwannaphum) airport and to return to the country that truly feels like my home.


Jessi Cotterill said...

great Janet!! great!! You're moving to Thailand (but Bangkok...hmm...)

Of course we should meet and drink beer one day, whether in Bangkok or on my isolated beach. (tell Cat that she's also invited). That would be real fun.

Looking forward to reading "Tone Deaf in Thailand". Is it your first book or you have other books before?

Tokyo Ern said...

And in between Seattle and Bangkok, there's this big city called Tokyo you'll have to visit as well. Fried smelt awaits you!

Katia said...

Janet, you sound totally upbeat and eager and ready to go. These times when one is about to embark on a new adventure are wonderful, aren't they? So full of anticipation.

cat said...

This is so fun reading your preparations to BKK.

So while you are making your arrangements to here, I'm making similar arrangements to there.

My cats will go in short term care with the Ari Pet hospital (Dr. Maitie is the best ever).

I just have the two tickets - BKK to Korea (what in the heck am I going to do for a whole day in Seoul?)... then one to Seattle where I'll be picked up by friends.

Then a few days after, my son will arrive.

Let the countdown begin...

(waving at Jessi! Thanks for the invite :-)

Janet Brown said...

Hello Jessi--
Your isolated beach is my idea of heaven and it would be so much fun to meet you there.
Tone Deaf is my first book--now postponed until April 09. By then I hope I'll be well on my way into my second, which I've been pecking at recently.
Pogo Stick is on display right now in the bookstore I work at--looks gorgeous!

Janet Brown said...

Cat, did you bring felines with you to Bkk or adopt them there?

Janet Brown said...

Dear Ernie--
Fried smelt in 2009 for sure.

cat said...

I did both.

I imported my cat from Brunei.

While I was waiting, I bought a kitten.

My Brunei cat (jungle cat) was used to being able to come and go so I didn't make her stay in.

It was a sad night when a neighbour left her on my porch. Dead.

I now have two cats and they stay in. They have what I call their 'Baan Meow' for night time.

(As cat's are nocturnal, I wanted them to be able to have an interesting life).

So basically, my two cats stay in a large bird cage outside, from about 10 or 11 pm, to 7 or 8 am...