Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Simply Do Not Know

Okay, I try to be happy--I really do. I have been given an opportunity to live out my dream of living and working and writing in the city I've yearned to return to from the moment I left it. But within twenty-four hours of my arrival here, the world in general has been spinning more and more out of control.

The economy of my country is so deeply in the toilet that I pray every day that nobody decides to flush. Obama's victory was a moment of pure, unadulterated joy but what that man faces is no cause for any kind of celebration, once you stop and think about it.

The political debacle that has engulfed the country that I live in now is an ongoing horror show, with no good guys and no happy ending in sight--and only minutes ago I went online to learn that a gunman killed at least one person in a shopping mall not far from where I lived six weeks ago.

I keep thinking of the Ray Charles song about "the world is in an uproar, the danger zone is everywhere" and realize that it's no coincidence that, although I try to be happy, I really do, what I really feel, every time I look at a newspaper or its internet equivalent, is "sad and lonely, all the time--guess it's just because I've got a worried mind." Sing it, Ray--I hear you.


Matt Brown said...

I become engulfed in similar feelings from time to time. The bottom line for me is that the world is filled with unavoidable evil and despair, but love and luck and a positive mindset (focusing on the beauty of one's memories and the anticipation of future comfort - whatever that may entail and however simple it may be) will help one avoid getting bogged down in fear and self-absorbed sorrow.

Hey... you gave birth to the mass of meat and bone and hair that just typed that Pollyanna-ish bullshit, and you're inspiring him with your adventures. That's gotta mean something... :)

Kristianne said...

Hey, what's going on over there?
Are you one of the folks marching in the street?
Are we going to find out that this one's got a cooking show too?

Janet Brown said...

It means a lot, Matt--I love you!

Kim said...

Ah, yes, listen to your son. He hit on the key word to salvation ... love. We love; we are loved; no matter what happens in the world, we have this blessing. Plus, all the madness nurtures good writing!!

Katia said...

And then, there was the madness in Bombay/Mumbai, whatever one wants to call it. I can so totally relate to your words, and yet, as your son says so beautifully, beauty and love and hope are never so far... thank goodness for that.