Monday, November 3, 2008

In My Hands

This is the cover of my book, photographed by the brilliant Nana Chen. This morning I opened a package from my publisher at ThingsAsian Press and those little faces were what was waiting for me.

In the past months while I waited for the printed book to come into being, I wondered how it would feel to hold it in my hands. Now I know.

It's exciting and joyful and a little frightening--a bit like holding your first child for the first time. And Nana's pictures, along with the talents of its incomparable graphic designer, Janet McKelpin, make this book beautiful.

There are more milestones to come--the first day that I see it in a bookstore, the first day I hear feedback--good or bad--from a reader, but nothing can be as surprising and wonderful as opening a package and seeing the faces of those two little boys. If anything can make this book sell, that photo will.


Kristianne said...

When do we get to buy copies here?
So exciting, Janet!

Janet Brown said...

Not until April but you can pick up your copy here!

Alison said...

I can't wait! I am so proud of you - I know that sounds trite, but it's true.


Tokyo Ern said...

I can't wait to read it!! April seems like such a long time away still!!

Janet Brown said...

Oh but you're here in Asia Ernie--email me your address and I'll make sure you get a copy asap.

Tokyo Ern said...

Cool, here ya go:

Setagaya-ku, Wakabayashi
2-17-7 Hikari Bldg #402
Tokyo, Japan 154-0023

Looking forward to reading it. Hope you've been enjoying my Vegas posts.

corinne robson said...

Janet -

Congratulations on the "birth" of your book!! The cover is beautiful. Were the boys posed specifically for a photo shoot or was it just a random photo she had taken? Let me know when it is available in Canada!!

Jessi Cotterill said...

Congratulations!!!! The cover looks attractive. I like red, and the boys are so cute.

Do you have a distributor in Thailand? I'd like to have a copy.

bubbles said...

wow. This is so damned exciting. I'm not surprised, but I'm really proud of you, Janet.

janet said...

Ernie, I am loving your Vegas posts!
Corinne, the photo was unposed--Nana seized the moment.
Jessi, soon, very soon...
Bubbles, WHO are you?

Katia said...

How very exciting, Janet ! Congratulations. Sorry it took me a little while to share that joyous moment with you. I had already seen the cover on your publisher's website and found that photo really stunning. I'm impatient to read the book now. Sooooon :)